About Reclaim Pro Bono

The Reclaim Pro Bono Project is a collaboration between the University of Windsor Faculty of Law and Spark Law Professional Corporation. Reclaim is part of a larger collaboration aimed at addressing issues of social injustice in online environments.

Windsor Law brings its exceptional academic and intellectual resources to Reclaim (in particular, faculty members of Windsor Law LTEC Lab and the Clinical and Experiential Learning Program), guiding and overseeing the academic research on all relevant existing areas of law as well as novel ones. Students from Windsor Law are working under the supervision of lawyers at Spark Law to develop that research into public information pieces and template legal documents to be used in court proceedings.

Spark Law provides free legal advice and representation to clients who have had intimate images distributed without their consent.

Academic Partner

Windsor is an exceptional law school offering a broad legal education and practical lawyering skills in an intimate environment that supports and nurtures lifelong relationships.

Legal Services Partner

Spark Law is an innovative law firm that encourages its clients to “swear by your lawyers. not at them.” Spark Law provides its clients with the legal advice they require while providing the flexibility in billing arrangements allowing clients the cost certainty and predictability they cannot get from traditional law firms