Critical Cases: R v Trinchi

In March 2019, the Ontario Court of Appeal heard an appeal from a guilty verdict. The case involved a woman whose ex-boyfriend shared intimate images in the form of screenshots, which had been taken without the woman’s knowledge during a video chat on Skype. During their relationship, the woman and the defendant regularly engaged in video-chat, … Read more

Critical Cases: Jane Doe 72511

Although there is no civil legislation currently in place to address the non-consensual distribution of intimate images in Ontario, the Courts have begun to recognize the need for civil action through common law. Beginning in 2016, the Courts in Ontario have shown willingness to allow civil action and award damages to people who have had … Read more

Critical Cases: Jane Doe 464533

“In recent years, technology has enabled predators and bullies to victimize others by releasing their nude photos or intimate videos without consent. We now understand the devastating harm that can result from these acts… Society has been scrambling to catch up to this problem and the law is beginning to respond to protect victims” (Jane … Read more